New Port Richey, FL | Testing Before Hormone Replacement Therapy | Renuvia Medical Center

Dr. Schlyer discusses the process when you get evaluated for BHRT at Renuvia Medical Center.


Dr. Schlyer: Each of our clients that comes in for BHRT is initially evaluated and interviewed by us. Subsequent to that, we order specific blood work that incorporates seven different hormones that we evaluate. It's not just testosterone, it's not just estrogen. We sit down with our clients after the initial evaluation and we go through their blood work with them and we design a program specifically for that individual. We also know with that individual, that this program is going to change month by month, year by year, because their own endogenous hormone production is going to change over time and we want to maintain that hormone levels.

Dr. Schlyer: One thing that we tell the patients is that we're not trying to get you to a hormone level that's normal for 50 or 60-years-old person, we're trying to get you to a hormone level that's normal for a 25-year-old person. And in doing that, we have to adjust the dosages as we progress.