Lypo-Gold Fat Transfer in New Port Richey, FL

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What Is A Fat Transfer with Lypo-Gold?

Lypo-Gold is a procedure that stimulates the supply of collagen-producing cells and growth factors to reverse the effects of skin aging and hair loss. As individuals age or lose weight, they also lose fullness in areas where volume once existed such as the face, neck, hands and even hair loss on the scalp. A terrific way to regain this lost volume is through an aesthetic procedure utilizing our Lypo-Gold system. With a gentle, safe, and controlled harvest, we remove a small amount of fat from the abdomen, thighs, flanks or other areas. After sterile processing, we inject the resulting nano-fat like a filler in the areas of treatment with a precise technique. Nano-fat contains adult mesenchymal stem cells. The injection of the nano-fat causes the formation of new fibroblasts capable of producing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid resulting in a marked improvement in texture of the skin and renewed hair growth on the scalp, all of which will continue to improve over time.  The Lypo-Gold procedure is perfect for those who desire a natural enhancement.

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer with Lypo Gold?

If you are looking to transform your aging skin into youthful, glowing skin with more volume, you are the perfect candidate for the Lypo-Gold procedure. The Lypo-Gold procedure can help both men and women concerned with aging faces, necks, hands and hair loss. Depending on how many areas you want treated will determine how much fat Dr. Schlyer will need to extract. Even individuals with minimal body fat are able to undergo this procedure and rejuvenate their skin with results lasting for years.

How is it performed?

After being placed under local anesthesia, using a small, specialized cannula, fat is carefully removed from the patient. Using our FDA approved device, the fat is processed reducing the size of fat particles and rich adult stem cells and growth factors that give greater fat survival and better results. The processing removes the short-lived fat cells leaving behind the regenerative cells or the "natures gold" adult stem cells. Using skilled injection techniques, these regenerative cells are injected into the transfer sites until the desired results are achieved. Patients will see immediate results with continued long-term improvements.

What can I expect afterwards?

After the Lypo-Gold transfer process has been completed, you will begin a healing phase. Keep in mind there are two different areas of the body affected by this treatment: the extraction area and injection location. The recovery process should be relatively simple for small areas of transfer. For example, a fat transfer to the lips will generally only require 1 – 2 days of recovery. Each area will appear red and slightly swollen, but the outcomes can be noticed pretty quickly. An added bonus is that the area where liposuction was used will appear slimmer. This procedure yields great results, but there will be some reabsorption back into the body. For some of our patients, a future transfer may be needed later on. There is almost no scarring that is noticeable with this treatment.

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Take the Natural Approach

If you desire fuller lips, want to smooth out hollow areas or lines, or rejuvenate the texture and tone of your skin, Lypo-Gold at our New Port Richey, FL office may be a great option for you. There are many choices for enhancement with Dr. Schlyer. This treatment can help you achieve the look you want without choosing to undergo a major surgery that might require a long and complicated recovery period. We welcome you to get in touch with our front desk team to schedule your consult at Renuvia Medical Center.

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