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About the Vampire Breast Lift™

Certain factors, such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and dramatic weight loss, can cause the skin on your breast to become saggy, wrinkled, or thin. To help revive and restore the breasts without undergoing surgery, the Vampire Breast Lift uses a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum to improve and soften the skin. The PRP serum uses the natural nutrients (growth factors) within your blood to encourage the production of collagen, which helps rejuvenate the look of your breasts. Many patients notice great improvements in the appearance of their breasts and tend to experience increased sensation for additional sexual enjoyment. Please schedule an appointment to learn more about the innovative, nonsurgical Vampire Breast Lift at Renuvia Medical Spa in New Port Richey, FL.

Ideal Candidates

As women start to age or after going through childbirth and breastfeeding, the elasticity of the skin on their breasts can decrease, which may change the breasts' appearance. This may lead to drooping, sagging breasts that require additional assistance for comfort and appearance. The Vampire Breast Lift is an excellent treatment choice for women who want more supple, tighter breast skin without needing surgery. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to determine whether a Vampire Breast Lift works best for your cosmetic concerns and goals. The Vampire Breast Lift is not for women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

What to Expect

In one of our spacious and private treatment rooms, Dr. Schlyer will start by drawing a small quantity of blood, about four tablespoons worth, from a vein on your arm. Next, he'll carefully place your blood in a centrifuge, which will separate the platelet-rich plasma from your blood to create the PRP serum. As we wait for the serum to finish in the centrifuge, we'll apply a numbing cream to your chest to help prevent any discomfort. After your chest is numb Dr. Schlyer will administer the PRP injections in strategic parts of your breast skin and surrounding tissue.

Anticipated Results

Right after your appointment, you should notice an improvement in your breast tissue and increased blood circulation to the breasts. Often, many patients feel enhanced nipple sensitivity if the PRP was injected there, which heightens sexual pleasure. In about three months, patients should start to notice optimal results as the PRP serum stimulates the production of new collagen and fatty tissue. We recommend that you schedule 1 – 2 procedures and follow all aftercare instructions. After your appointment, you can resume your daily activities, though you may experience some mild swelling at first.

Firm and Perky

Enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of your breasts with a nonsurgical Vampire Breast Lift at Renuvia Medical Center in New Port Richey, FL. Using your platelet-rich plasma to enhance blood circulation and stimulate collagen, the Vampire Breast Lift is an excellent treatment option for thicker and more supple skin. You’ll happily see age-defying cleavage and feel more confident in your body.

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