Face and Hand Rejuvenation in New Port Richey, FL

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What is Face and Hand Rejuvenation?

The face and hands can be two of the biggest areas signifying your age. As the skin ages, it loses its structure, causing lax skin and the reveal of veins. Meanwhile, other areas of the body can often exhibit more volume, especially in undesirable areas. Face and hand rejuvenation at Renuvia Medical Center in New Port Richey, FL is a laser liposuction procedure utilizing the cutting-edge BeautiFill® technology to remove stubborn fat from unwanted areas, purify it, and transfer it into the face and/or hands. You'll discuss your problem areas with Dr. Arthur Schlyer in the initial consultation to decide the best plan for achieving fresh, youthful skin.

Ideal Candidates

The BeautiFill technology best suits patients who are already at a healthy weight — no more than 25 pounds over their target weight — but have been unable to lose weight through the use of conventional diets and exercises. The procedure also tends to provide the best results for those who already have relatively tight skin, as it is not designed to correct skin laxity. BeautiFill is not meant to accomplish total-body weight loss. Rather, it is best used to solve targeted problem areas of unwanted fat and a loss of volume in the face and hands.

Our Face and Hand Rejuvenation Technique

Upon applying a local anesthetic, Dr. Schlyer will begin the process of autologous fat transfer. A very small incision will be made in order to insert a cannula, which will target the areas of troublesome fat. At which point, the fat will be purified and relocated to the face and/or hands. Depending on the area(s) treated, the procedure can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours. As an outpatient procedure, the patient will be able to return home at the conclusion of the treatment.

What to Expect

The use of laser technology greatly reduces the length of patient recovery time. However, some bruising, inflammation, and discomfort may be noticeable in the days following the procedure. This is considered common and should fade within a few weeks. The new body shape should be revealed 4 – 6 weeks after the procedure, though in some cases, it could take months. A comprehensive list of the recovery process will be provided during the consultation process.

Refresh and Recharge

Love what you see when you look in the mirror after hand and face rejuvenation from Renuvia Medical Center. Our expert team is on hand to provide the utmost care and attention during each and every step of the process. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Schlyer to explore your options when it comes to this state-of-the-art treatment.

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