New Port Richey, FL | Priapus Shot | Renuvia Medical Center

Dr. Schlyer discusses the Priapus Shot that has come along in the Vampire line.


Dr. Schlyer: Yes, we do. Priapus is the latest procedure that has come along in the Vampire line. Heretofore, men who've had erectile dysfunction... It may start in their 30s or 40s... were resigned to either injections of a medication that causes vasospasm that causes erection, or medications that they can take that has side effects to that like headaches and visual changes, and some other things that may not be amenable to what people want to go through in order to maintain erectile function. What we do at the Vampire procedures that we inject into the shaft of the penis, the platelets and the PRP that encourages regrowth of the vascular tissue and the nervous tissue. So not only do you get improved vascular function and improved erections, there's also improvement in the sensation in the penis for better function with sexual activity.