New Port Richey, FL | Hungarian Goulash | Renuvia Medical Center

Dr.Schlyer's spin on Hungarian Goulash, try this yummy and diet friendly recipe the whole family can enjoy!


Dr. Schyler: On this episode, we're going to try something a little fun for fall. It's a fun fall food festival. We're going to show you a trilogy of Crock-Pot items that you can make very easily at home. The next iteration of our Crock-Pot trilogy is going to involve making Hungarian Goulash. Again, we've taken approximately two to three pounds of beef and we've braised it. We have about three onions that are thinly sliced, and then we have the paprika, six ounces of tomato paste. We have about a fourth of a cup of bacon fat, about two and a half cups of beef broth, three cloves of garlic that have been minced, three bay leaves and about one to two teaspoons of salt.

Dr. Schyler: So, to start this, I'm going to put the onions into the Crock- Pot. I'll follow that with the braised beef. And again, we braise the beef in order to make it moister as it cooks, it seals the beef so that it cooks more evenly. To this I'm going to add about half of the beef broth. I will add the six ounces of tomato paste. I'm going to mix this up a little bit before I put it in the pot, so that it blends evenly with all the components that are in the pot. So, now we've incorporated the tomato paste in with part of the beef stock. I'm going to add in the two tablespoons of paprika. One to two teaspoons of salt, depending on what your taste is and I'll also add approximately one fourth cup of bacon fat.

Dr. Schyler: The bacon fat gives the stew a little bit better mouth feel and it also adds to the flavor, because of the bacon flavor that's in the fat. To this, I'm going to add the minced garlic, and I'll finally add the bay leaves, and just gently stir these so I don't break the leaves up. I'm going to pour this on top of the meat and I'll add the rest of the beef stock. We put the lid on and we'll cook this at low for approximately six to eight hours. This is our Hungarian Goulash. As you can see in the cooking process over eight hours, that the volume has decreased because of the incorporation of the liquid into the meat and the vegetables becoming softer. I'm going to put some in a bowl for you and you can see it's very thick. It'll be a great meal on a cool evening for the fall. I hope you try this at home and I hope you enjoy.