New Port Richey, FL | Dr. Schlyer's Perfect Pancakes | Renuvia Medical Center

Join Dr. Arthur Schlyer of Renuvia Medical Center to learn how to make carbohydrate and grain free pancakes.


Dr. Schlyer: In this episode, we're going to make pancakes, but not the typical pancakes. We're going to make them without any grains or starches. We start with six egg whites and whip those to a stiff peak. While those are mixing, we'll mix together six egg yolks, our coconut flour, our baking powder and salt, some coconut milk and some oil. Now, we'll add our six egg whites to the mixer, bring our bowl up and we'll start out at a medium speed and then we'll go up to a higher speed. While those are cooking, we're going to take our six egg yolks, our coconut milk. We're going to mix these. To this, we're going to add our coconut oil, and mix again, our baking powder and salt, and our coconut flour.

Dr. Schlyer: Our egg whites are at a foamy stage, so we're going to kick up to a higher. You see that are egg yolk and coconut flour mixture is now well-incorporated. We'll set this aside until our egg whites are at a stiff peak. We're at a stiff peak, so we're going to incorporate the two together. The first thing we'll do, is take about a fourth of the egg whites and gently fold them into the egg yolk and coconut flour mixture. We'll take another fourth of the egg whites, and incorporate those. I'm folding as I go. I'm not stirring. I'm just folding the ingredients together. That decreases the amount of compression that the egg whites get, so they don't go flat. Now that I have about half of the egg whites incorporated, I'll take the remaining egg whites, and I'll fold these in to the egg yolk and coconut flour mixture.

Dr. Schlyer: As you can see, the mixture itself, is becoming lighter and fluffier, lighter in color, as we incorporate these two items together. That's a fairly homogeneous mixture, and we'll take this now to our heated skillet and we'll cook them. Now that we have our batter mixed, we'll go to the frying pan. This is set at about a medium heat, because these will brown quickly, but we wanted to give it a chance to cook all the way through. As you can see, they go in fairly fluffy, and fairly light. Usually, I give this about two or three minutes per side. Now, you can see that it's slowly started to rise, and what happened is that the baking powder and the whipped egg whites, both expand as they get heated.

Dr. Schlyer: It's been just about two minutes. Make sure that the pancake is loose and gently flip it. We'll go for approximately two more minutes. As you can see, it gets a golden brown, just like a real pancake does. You can see the textures of the pancake rising. It's been another two minutes. I'm going to turn pancake over. As you can see, it's the same golden brown on both sides. It stays light and fluffy. I hope you enjoy.