New Port Richey, FL | Alimentary Alchemy EP3 Citrus Salad Dressing | Renuvia Medical Center

Learn how to make an organic, citrus-based salad dressing with Arthur Schlyer, M.D.


Dr. Schlyer: Our next salad dressing is going to be more of a citrus blend. To make this citrus dressing, we start out with a container to mix in. This time we're using 100 CCs of coconut oil; 50 CCs of lemon juice and we have of lemon zest; a little bit, approximately a fourth of a teaspoon of Dijon mustard; a fourth of a teaspoon of organic honey; pink Himalayan sea salt and cracked pepper.

Dr. Schlyer: We'll start by zesting some lemon peel into a small ramekin. I hold my thumb at the base of the lemon and pull like this. This lemon zest we'll reserve for our salad dressing.

Dr. Schlyer: Next, we compress our lemon, slice it in half and juice it. We need about 50 milliliters of lemon juice, which is approximately one lemon.

Dr. Schlyer: To put our ingredients together, we use our beaker. We put in two parts of coconut oil, which is 100 milliliters; one part of lemon juice, which is 50 milliliters; the zest from our lemon; one fourth teaspoon of organic Dijon mustard; and one fourth teaspoon of organic honey; coarse ground black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt. Using our stick blender, we emulsify until it is thoroughly mixed.

Dr. Schlyer: And this is our citrus dressing, thoroughly emulsified and quite refreshing.