New Port Richey, FL | Alimentary Alchemy EP2 Balsamic Salad Dressing | Renuvia Medical Center

How to make a delicious and nutritious organic salad dressing with Arthur Schlyer, M.D.


Dr. Schlyer: Let's make a simple salad dressing today. First you'll need a carafe to mix in, organic olive oil, organic balsamic vinegar, organic Dijon mustard, organic honey, Himalayan pink sea salt, and ground pepper. In order to put this together, we use two parts of the olive oil, which has 100 mls. We use one part of balsamic vinegar, which is 50 milliliters. We'll use about a half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, about a fourth of a teaspoon of organic honey. To this, we add about three turns of pepper and about three turns of Himalayan pink sea salt. I use my stick blender and tilt my container at about 40 degrees. This emulsifies the acid and the oil together and makes an incredibly delicious salad dressing. Notice how creamy it is and thick. And I'm sure you'll enjoy it.