New Port Richey, FL | Alimentary Alchemy EP1 Bullet Proof Coffee | Renuvia Medical Center

Bullet Proof Coffee in a few easy steps by Arthur Schlyer, M.D.


Dr. Schlyer: Welcome to Alimentary Alchemy. We're going to show how to make Bullet Proof Coffee in this particular episode. What you will require, is some kind of organic coffee, which I use in my Keurig machine, coconut oil, organic cream, and if you'd like, organic vanilla and organic cinnamon.

Dr. Schlyer: The first thing we do is we put our coffee into the Keurig machine and set it down. I take about a half of an ounce of the coconut oil and I put it into my carafe. As the hot liquid mixes with the coconut oil, it makes it emulsify more easily.

Dr. Schlyer: Once the coffee is brewed and mixed with the coconut oil, I use my stick blender to emulsify it. When I mix the coconut oil in the coffee with the stick blender, I tip it at about 40 degrees, in order to enhance the amount of air that gets into the coffee.

Dr. Schlyer: At this point, I add about an ounce of heavy cream mix, once more. And then I like a little organic vanilla and some organic cinnamon. Mix once more.

Dr. Schlyer: Now that the mixture has emulsified and it's frothy on top, you can decant it into your favorite mug. And your Bullet Proof Cappuccino is ready for the morning.