Priapus Shot (P-Shot) For Men

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What is the Priapus Shot®?

The Priapus Shot® or P-shot® is an innovative procedure, to reduce erectile dysfunction in men by rejuvenating the penis and promoting new blood vessel formation to boost sensitivity and hardness on the same day as treatment!

The P-shot® is a healthy alternative that uses your own blood cells to eliminate any chance of rejection in your body.

This injection increases the number of platelets in your blood stream, allowing healthy blood flow to the penis.

The Priapus Shot® is a specific way of of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis (also known as the P-Shot®) and is protected by the US Patent & Trademark office. ONLY doctors who have been trained and certified by the inventor and trademark holder (Dr. Charles Runels) may perform this procedure.

The Priapus Shot® is the latest, safest, and most effective way to restore sensation to the penis. Many men also experience an increase in size, whether it is length, girth, or both.

Why does penis sensation loss occur?

Is it possible to restore penis sensation?

Yes. The Priapus Shot® is a safe, all natural way to rejuvenate the tissue inside the penis and restore collagen to the skin of the penis providing better sensation, increased sensitivity, and an overall healthier penis.

The Priapus Shot® to treat Peyronie's Disease

What is Peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie's disease is caused by scar tissue that develops under the skin of the penis. This scar tissue causes an abnormal bend during erection and can cause problems such as bothersome symptoms during intercourse.

Symptoms of Payronie's disease may develop slowly or appear overnight. The evident problem in Peyronie's disease is the curvature or bending of the penis. During erection or intercourse, some men may experience pain in the penis. When the penis is soft, the penis curvature is not visible and there is little to no pain experienced.

Does The Priapus Shot® Treat Peyronie's Disease?

Yes. In mild cases, the Priapus Shot® has been shown to help straighten the penis during an erection. The Priapus Shot® uses blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. If there is extreme pain or the problem has been occurring for over two years, please be sure to discuss this with Dr. Schlyer prior to the procedure.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the inability to establish or sustain an erection during sexual activity, has negatively affected men's sexual health for decades. Medical studies show that ED is caused by a lack of blood flow to sexual regions of the body. Pills like "the little blue pill" may help regulate blood flow, but can be costly over time and ill-timed to match your moods.

What are the benefits of a Priapus Shot?

How is The Priapus Shot procedure performed?

These growth factors cause increased collagen & new blood flow.

Then using a very small needle (for almost no pain), the physician injects your own growth factors back into your penis in a very specific way. These growth factors then activate stem cells already in the skin (tricking them into "thinking" there's been an injury and new, younger tissue should be generated).

To schedule your private, complimentary Priapus Shot® consultation, fill out the form on this page or call to schedule your appointment for this procedure and regain control of your sexual health!